I chanced upon an article by Tim Kreider from the NYT that halted me in my tracks. It is a timely reminder to keep in mind the grander scheme of things in life. Often times, we get thrown off the track in our pursuit of happiness and whilst we wonder why, we curse our fate, the heavens, society, the weather, government, bosses etc.

It’s easy to be reactive, and lose our temper, but really, we need to take a moment and reassess what really matters to us. What do we hold close to our hearts? What exactly are we blinded by? Sure, we can be occupied with the pressing things on our mental list- insurance, the job, paying the bills…the list goes on. But stripped down to life’s barest essentials, nothing beats spending time with the people you love.


“I don’t know why we take our worst moods so much more seriously than our best ones, crediting depression with more clarity than euphoria. It’s easy now to dismiss that year as nothing more than the same sort of shaky, hysterical high you’d experience after being clipped by a taxi. But you could also try to think of it as a glimpse of grace. It’s like the revelation I had when I was a kid the first time I ever flew in an airplane: when you break through the cloud cover you realize that above the passing squalls and doldrums there is a realm of eternal sunlight, so keen and brilliant you have to squint against it, a vision to hold onto and take back with you when you descend once more beneath the clouds, under the oppressive, petty jurisdiction of the local weather”- Tim Kreider on “Repreive”.

Keep writing (and reading), Lynne


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