Fringes of Summer











:: #1 In the airplane that glided through the beautiful and surreal evening sky::


The essence of summertime is summed up with fish and chips, ice-cream, watching the surfers and doing nothing but feasting on nature at Indiana Cottesloe Beach. Those long, hot summer days passed so quickly away, but time is only relative. There is a certain comfort I find in filling my camera lenses with hues of blues and greens, and silver for the occasional silvery sea when sunlight hits the waves.

Here in Down Under, there is a happy vibe that reverberates without a mask throughout the suburbs and beaches. People are generous with their smiles, their greetings are warm and they are comfortable in making small talks. It is nice to be amidst happy people.  The weather though, didn’t make me quite the happy one and I’m still suffering from the Aussie heatwave., crazy adaptations from scorching hot in the day which turned quickly to windy cold in the night.











#2 seagulls























#4 Natural bronzing for my legs























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