The Friendship Bracelet Project – join in!







Have you ever wanted to make something beautiful with your own hands? And with that, touched someone else’s life?

For most of us, we grew up with so much love and attention, our parents gave us plenty of hugs, kisses and toys. We have everything that we become sometimes so blind to the needs of others. But for the orphans in Uganda, Africa, they never had a biological adult to hold them close and read bedtime stories to them. They have to learn to even survive without proper healthcare and sanitation. They don’t have someone to remind them to brush their teeth, put on their pjs and tuck them into bed.

In collaboration with a fellow blogger (from Washington D.C), Nicole, and her best friend Hannah (who went to Agape Village in Uganda), we are sending over handmade friendship bracelets to the orphans in Agape Village. Hannah came back from Uganda after summer, and saw that it meant the WORLD to these kids having these friendship bracelets as gifts. They don’t have parents and have never experienced true love from another human being, especially adults. Since returning from her trip, she has been sending over these bracelets in a ziploc bag to these kids.

They never had anything that was theirs.

This Friendship Bracelet Project  is fundamentally about giving these orphans a touch of love. We believe that a little goes a long way. Your small gesture will mean a lot to these children in Uganda.

“One village at a time”


1. Gather a group of close friends and family, make a few friendship bracelets for the orphans.

2. Then send them over to me collectively or we could do a meet-up collection.

3. Do remember to send me a picture of yourself/your friends making the bracelets. On the back of the photo, write your name, occupation and a line or two for the children.

4. Indicate if you’ll be sending by:

Deadline (1) 1 Jan 2011 OR Deadline (2) 16 Jan 2011

We will be sending them over to Uganda.


There are many online tutorials showing different designs. See here and here. You can buy these strings in Holland Village shopping centre, level 2. The old man sells plenty of strings, yarn and ribbons. Just tell him it’s for making friendship bracelets and he’ll know. I used to buy from him in Secondary School. Amazing colours to choose from! Examples of the finished product:

I will  compile a post with photos of everyone who had put in their efforts for the little ones in Uganda 🙂  Do let me know if you’re really interested and need more links on how to make them !

” Look into the eyes of these orphans. It is inspiring to know that there are people here in Uganda who are not willing to let these children suffer.”















 Pictures courtesy of Nicole/Hannah/Katie


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3 Responses to The Friendship Bracelet Project – join in!

  1. perfect! you are wonderful, thank you so much:)

  2. Paula Delgado-Kling says:

    This is great. Thank you for making me aware of it.


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