Friendship Bracelet Project: Update 1

Work has been picking up pace of late.

In between writing, attending meetings and the like, I’m trying to allocate time to make a friendship bracelet or two for the orphans in Uganda.

For those who responded, thank you so very much! It has come to my heartfelt realisation that quite a handful of my friends are still willing to strike an attempt at making one – despite not knowing how to do so. As such, I’m thinking of conducting a little “class” where I will be teaching 2 designs. If you’re interested, do leave a comment below or email me. I will only conduct a class if there are more than 5 people 🙂 However, there are also online tutorials made available on youtube.

As I picked up the embroidery floss in their myriad of colours, I am once again transported back to high school days where it was a trend back then to make friendship bands. It was also a trend back then, to write letters. I loved the sight of handwriting, however they might be – neat, cursive or in child-like scrawls.

At the very least, it spelt sincerity in a way that a consistent and standard font over an email can never quite deliver.








I handpicked these 6 colours from the shop in Holland Village today after work.








Candy stripes design in pastel hues. I couldn’t decide to go “green” or “pink” so I made a mish-mash of sort in the end.

What I like most about Christmas is not the magical wonder that enfolds under a blanket of snow, or the awesome presents, but the feeling that something new is upon us and that once again, all will be mended. I’d like to move forward with a sense of possibility; it’s altogether empowering and somewhat frightening at the same time.

I would love to tumble headlong into this season that seems exceptionally fleeting.


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