A year after…

A year after those sun-smitten days in Langkawi, I realised how much I’ve aged. A year later, the sense of youth drains a little more.

I missed Langkawi for three reasons.

One, it reminded me of a time when I was in my carpe diem state of mind – two of my close girlfriends and I took our passports, pack the minimum and head out to where nature beckoned. Two, this duo make the best travel companions I could ever ask for and three, I missed the sunrise, the diminishing act of the sunset, the hills, the beautiful isolated black sand beach, the purple fields…

Langkawi was full of secret loveliness.

If I had stayed there for a month, I could have attest to better eye vision, clearer mind, a fine sense of balance and perhaps, I could have mastered the art of doing nothing. That sensory experience was a tide, a rhythm, a joy.

Never one who travels with the i-need-to-see-seven-locations-in-five-days mindset; slow travel, that’s my mantra.

Back in the hum-drum of city life, my thoughts return to purple fields in Langkawi, sunset-smeared lavender-pink skies and the enigmatic sunrise that promises something new.

Watch the sunrise – there is unspoken energy in doing that.

Where to stay:

Rainbow Lodge Backpackers: For 7 SGD a night per pax, you get 1 single bed and 1 queen size bed with only cold shower (if you don’t mind). The good part? The lodge overlooks a field of purple flowers. Rent a bicycle and ride around – the feeling is amazing.

What to see:

Pantai Pasir Hitam – ‘Black Sand’ beach. The sand is mixed in white and black shades, due to rich tin and iron ore deposits.

Burau Bay – Beach lined with rocky outcrops located at the West Coast of Langkawi.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, otherwise known as the Seven Wells. Legend has it that fairies used to come down to the seven natural pools to. It is common to see children and even adults sliding down the slick rock but do be careful not to slip.


Mountain trails. We went zipping up the mountain in bikes. I highly recommend this thrilling adventure where the air is crisp and fresh.

Sea sports. I tried Parasailing while my friends took their chances at Wakeboarding.


If you like slow travel, do ride around in a bicycle. Else, plenty of bikes are available for rent. Do apply lots of sunscreen and moisturizer in the heat.


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