Wanderlust Italy: Podere Palazzo

I came late to the interior decor party. And no, I’m not referring to the time of this post.

What better combination than the meeting of the twain; the intersection of travel and design, thanks to the keen eye of D-Tripper. It’s an experimental style of travel; albeit a luxurious one.

I’m enthralled with Podere Palazzo. Once an abandoned stone farmhouse from the 1700s, now a thoroughly modern mountain-top villa with an infinity pool and unspoiled expansive views of the Tuscan countryside. Open-air patio with undulating fields of gold, rolling hills and an infinity of space.

In the dining room that could sit up to 10 guests for an Italian dinner, gorgeous arches framed the entrance. And oh, just down the road from this villa is one of the most popular spas in Italy.

This place in Tuscany evidently stole my heart.


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