Writing in my soul

As New York shivers in the snow blizzard, I can see too that the cold has snuggled into sunny island here.

The long days of sun now often turn into days of cloudy grey. Showers of rain make puddles on the pavement and my reflection bathes in the hue of orangey night streetlights.

The nights have turned chilly here and the mornings no longer humid but crisp.

For as long as I have picked up pen and paper, I was writing. Much of my formative years was spent building that into my self identity. I wanted to become a writer since I was ten; I’d daresay that writing is my first love. And then somewhere down the line, for a fleeting moment or two, I considered being a lawyer. That thought didn’t last long, fortunately or unfortunately.

In the past, I wrote when I was sad, I wrote lesser when I was happy.

Now I write whether I’m sad, happy or angry. I’m paid to write. If I could say one thing about inspiration, it is that I write to stay alive and I stay alive to write. It is a symbiotic relationship really. And staying alive helps. Staying alive is key.

If you’re excited by life, art, architecture, design , politics and what’s going on in the world, the problems and its opportunities, you’ll bring all these influences into your daily work. As a former part-time travel writer, I travel a fair bit so that helps me to be interested in all kinds of facets of life. The other day at a conference, a former University friend of mine commented that he doesn’t have the “writer’s intuition”. Intuition is something that has grown with me and into me. At some point in time, you have to be able to look at a fresh concept and say instantly, “that works or that doesn’t work.”

As a creative individual, everything inspires me. Or rather, I get inspiration every single day from everywhere. I would never sit down and say, I’m going to the museum today to absorb art and write all about it.

I’ve realized my fortune to be able to do what I love and love what I do at the same time. Keep doing things that interests and excites you, can’t go too wrong at that.

P.S To the reader from Kuala Lumpur and aspiring copywriter, I hope this post sufficiently answers your questions.

What about the inspiration behind your work dear readers? Your turn.


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2 Responses to Writing in my soul

  1. Andrea says:

    Just randomly surfed on by!
    Lovely writing 🙂

  2. Hi Andrea,
    thank you for your kind compliments! 🙂

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