Bits of summer

The sun in my hair, azure blue skies and a curtain of sweltering heat descends.

That’s how I know, the monsoon season is almost over. Rainy days gradually make way for sunshine, sticky summer sweat and ice lollies. If you told me summer lasts forever, I’d believe you. Because it’s summer for nine months in a year on sunny island here. It might as well be called the Land of Eternal Summer.

It’s nice to discard the granny cardigan and leave home in my summer shorts, flip-flops and tank top. Such insouciant glee could be criminal.

Quite frankly, it’s the ease of convenience that I absolutely adore; not having to pile myself with five layers of winter clothes just to go to the convenience store. I’ve had my fair share of frost-biting cold in Europe for now.

There’s going to be summer cocktails and days by the beach; there’s going to be time to look out for ribbons of sunlight spilling out over the sea, or simple joys to relish in like dipping my toes on the salty shoreline; there’s going to be sunset picnics at Fort Canning Park with Brie Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc and the girls again; there’s going to be flavored ice lollies…

(Then again, everyday is an ice lollie/ice cream day here.)

Can you tell? Summer is here to stay.


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