Nihon 日本

*Edit: I just spoke to my friend who is working in Tokyo for a few years. He said the building started to shake that day and his boss told everyone to hide out in the safety room and not to worry because the building has wheels. Japan is a genius in invention.

The previous Tsunami in 2004 affected many parts of Southeast Asia such as the beautiful beaches in Bali, the coast of Penang and the like. It was a tragic moment for our neighbouring friends in the region. This time round, it hit Northeast Asia, particularly Japan.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the amazing Northeast islands and its people.

The grief, the loss, the pain.

In an instant, everything is gone.


The following international sites are recommended:

American Red Cross
Canpan Fields (Japanese NPO)
Save the Children
Non-Believers Giving Aid (scroll down the page for Japan earthquake relief)
NGO Jen (in English and Japanese)
International Medical Corps

/Photo by TimeOut Tokyo


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