24 hours in Melaka

The heat arrived early in Malacca and stayed long.

The sun beat down mercilessly and bright blue skies make for a pretty sight, nevermind the beads of sweat rolling down your necks. Thank goodness I wore a large straw hat though it seemed to provide little comfort in the sweltering 35 degrees celcius tropical heat in Malaysia.

Jonker Walk was the first place in mind because it is the most happening street and the gastronomical variety it offered is second to none. I had my fair share of the famed ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls’ for lunch, followed by a cucumber smoothie in a tucked away retro cafe nestled in one of the small alleys. It is a common sight to see throngs of people lining up for a seat in these Hainanese Chicken Rice shops; the specialty stemmed from an old tradition of moulding fragrant rice into balls served with marinated steamed chicken slices.

Malacca is a delightful mix of modern and tradition. Antique shops lined the streets, quaint cafes hide in the alleys and street stalls boasting generations of secret recipes beckoned any Philistine or connoiseur. It’s true when they say you can never quite go hungry in Malacca.

The best part of the trip (and most unforgettable) was the bus ride back from Malacca to Singapore. The weather took a sudden turn and dipped to almost 25 degree celcius, the rain pelted down on the window panes and the skies were a gloomy shade of grey. Flanking one side of the road were misty hills amidst thick forests and wisps of fog wafts along the hills.

:: Christ Church in Melaka ::

:: A rather scary way to advertise for natural honey…::

:: At dusk, the skies turned dusty pink and indigo. Jonker Walk comes alive at night as hawkers pulled out tables and chairs selling delectable street foods::


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