Ballet under the stars

On Sunday, my friends and I attended a night of Tchaikovsky and Ballet under the stars at Fort Canning Green (incidentally, one of my favourite places for picnic). It was a rain or shine annual event and we were blessed with salmon pink skies, a light breeze and a yellow-hued sunset. The atmosphere was great, relaxed and fun, everyone brought their picnic mats, lounge chairs, wine, fruits, cheeses, meat, Sushi and beer. I couldn’t asked for a better way to spend Sunday. The ballet performance itself was captivating with veteran ballet dancers piroutted onstage in their blue and pink tutus and ballet shoes, movement synchronized as one. My favourite pieces were ‘Serenade and ‘Allegro Brilliante’ and ‘Swan Lake’.

If only life is a picnic. That would be swell.



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