On the streets of Heidelberg

I trawled through some street shots taken when I was in Europe last year and found these. It had just turned Spring and the air was still chilly. These alfresco pictures (taken in Germany) reminded me so much of France, particularly the Parisian cafe culture.

I like the air of nonchalence the woman in the picture exudes. A lady who reads is always so imperceptibly cool.

(Taken with Canon 1000D)


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6 Responses to On the streets of Heidelberg

  1. Ladies who read are cool! Enjoyed your post!
    And thanks for commenting on one of mine!

  2. lynnette says:

    So gorgeous. 🙂 I love Heidelberg! I visited my best friend there a few years back and found it so peaceful.

    And girls who are intelligent and confident (and avid readers!) are the best, IMHO! 😀

  3. Miguel Lima says:

    Hi, sorry about the question, i just loved this photo!! And for my suprise you have the same camera as me, eos 1000D – canon, and i will be very thankfull if you explain how can i take this cliks, like vintage or analogic cameras 35mm. I have 18-55 mm, the custom. Thank you, and keep shooting like this!!!

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