Weekend Getaway: Harmoni One Hotel

Quick confession: it was love at first sight.

The new Harmoni One Hotel is a gem I recently discovered. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Batam, the 4-star hotel is designed for much needed breathing and privacy space from the heart of the city.

Much of the exterior resembles Greece; think white gargantuan pillars against bright blue skies, high ceilings and shiny marble floors. I was impressed by how clean and luxurious the whole place is. The lobby is amazingly spacious with a rather posh lounge to unwind in, apt for business and entertainment. The lobby is replete with beautiful statues of peacocks, elephants and the like, almost akin to a mini art gallery. Every floor of the guest rooms is covered with gorgeous carpets and the walls lined with serene paintings of nature. My heart felt at peace almost immediately.

What I like most is the rooftop pool – it’s huge! Sphinx statues perch on the roof and a couple of low verandahs on the other side overlook the entire city below. In a nutshell, Harmoni One Hotel is a luxurious yet unpretentious place for a quick weekend getaway. My only gripe is the slow service (both at the restaurant and for housekeeping) but I guess the ambience pretty much made up for it.

Wearing: Be comfortable, be casual, be totally at ease. I brought a sundress (from Cotton On), T-shirt and a pair of shorts. I always have a cardigan or sweater at hand in case the air turns chilly at night. It’s also not wise to bare-it-all in any culturally-conservative country.

Toting: The only thing you’ll really need is sunblock and lip balm. It’s the tropics afterall. Even if you’d want to bake yourself, it’s still advisable to use a sun block. I use Shiseido’s SPF 35 for my body and Origins Sunscreen (A Perfect World Series) SPF 35 for my face.

If you would like to do some shopping, free shuttle services are available from the hotel to Megal Mall.


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