In Java: Luxury Accommodations Unmasked

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The blare of horns and the buzz of the city had fallen away.

It was slightly after dusk as the mini van turned into a more decidedly rustic landscape. Sporadic lamps lined the street and the night air smelled of pine grass; my eyes slowly adjusting to the dark.

As soon as the van turned into the entrance of the private villa, I was awed by the large wrap-around verandah that overlooks the paddy field. This is perfect for getting back to nature.

Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel (20 minutes away from Adi Sutjipto International Airport), is a former villa which belonged to an Indonesian Sultan in the 1800s. The place fuses the comfort of a luxury hotel (24-hour personal butler service) with the rustic connection of the private neighborhood of a Javanese countryside.

Today, the private villa (four suites in total) still retains the essence of royal Javanese style. I stayed in the biggest suite room (also the most exorbitant); its interior appointed with Javanese paintings that hang on the walls. The spacious bathroom are replete with marble and gold-plated fixtures; the plush beds festooned with light drapery.

The more affordable suites (starting from 1.2 million rupiah) are jazzed up with contemporary, lighter touches. In the living room, you can play the piano, have a game at the pool table or admire the fishes in the koi pond.

Staying at Rumah Sleman Boutique Hotel is not so much like sleeping in a hotel as being the pampered guest of a Sultan.

The next day, we were treated to lunch at Sheraton Hotel, overlooking scenic mountain views of the volcano as we eat. The food at Sheraton is delicious and a must-try ๐Ÿ™‚

:: Lunch at Sheraton, Yogyakarta, with travel blogger, Eunice ::

:: An aerial view of the two gargantuan pools at Sheraton Hotel & Resorts::ย 

This trip was sponsored by Air Asia.


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3 Responses to In Java: Luxury Accommodations Unmasked

  1. rachpl says:

    Hey Lynne – got directed here from your comment on my blog. Very cool to be reading the postings from a travel writer! Awesome stuff here!

  2. Peggy Tee says:

    Brilliant! I am hoping to make it to Yogyakarta at some point in the near future – Indonesia is so diverse and interesting. Any tips on Ubud or Lombok? I’ve got flights to the first booked, and volcano climbing + diving off Lombok is on the list!

    • hey! i’m going to Ubud and Seminyak end Jan-early Feb. Talk about coincidence!
      When are you heading up? Perhaps our paths would cross…else, wait for me to return with lotsa tips and recommendations ๐Ÿ˜ก
      Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

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